Overview of the Model


-Assessment Based Treatment Program
-Selecting Measures
-Managing your Data
-Comprehensive Assessment Process
-Administering Standardized Measures
-Assessment Pathway

Create a Unique Client Picture



Monitoring Progress of Treatment

System Requirements


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Chapter Objectives

There are 8 chapter objectives in this section divided into Organizational Objectives and Case-specific Objectives:

Organizational Objectives:

(1) Define Assessment-Based Treatment

(2) Provide strategies for defining your center’s scope of service

(3) Explore different measurement considerations

(4) Present examples of common assessment batteries used with traumatized children

(5) Provide strategies for managing data and presenting results

Case-specific Objectives:

(1) Make initial decisions about the appropriateness of the client for your center

(2) Identify specific measures that can be used to help you probe more deeply into your client’s issues

(3) Become familiar with different domains of assessment that can help you get a well-rounded understanding of your client

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